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It started with the idea of something we always wanted as youth and never had.


We dreamt of a local store that we could buy Canadian made products, limited editions and anything not generic. We were always venturing to Toronto to find these things and so were our friends and classmates. After moving back to Brampton, I found this shop was still missing. Allison and I talked at length and thought Brampton wanted and deserved this. A unique shop that helps support local artists by providing exclusive and limited edition products featuring their designs, and to carry an assortment of gift items from Canadian makers.


In short, we think people are proud to come from Flower City and want to do our part to help make this fun and attainable, especially for the next generation.


We wish we could tell you the name came easily but it definitely was worth the time it took to come up with it. The first letters of each of our names and the meaning behind the words.

Arrow is direction and aiming in on things, searching and guiding. Vine is an actual vine, something growing and creating anew. Also every one loves a good ampersand!


I've always wished that Brampton had a cute curated shop especially with items that were branded towards those who live in BTOWN. I’ve moved back to Brampton from living in Toronto and its hard not to notice that Arts and Culture sometimes takes a back seat in this city.  In moving back, I ended up getting involved in a for-profit Art Gallery and was exposed to so many different talents. I realized I had an image in mind as to what I wanted and decided I would be the one to make it happen.  I knew that the designs had to be cute, fun and of course, Brampton themed. With the help of Allison, I was able to turn these dreams into reality. After a couple months of planning, Arrow & Vine was born. We released our very first collection the summer of 2016 and debuted at the Brampton Farmers’ market through Beaux Arts Brampton’s Artist Lane. Since then, we have put together two Winter collections and have been doing some pop-up markets including in the Downtown Christmas Market.  I also won the inaugural Top 40 under 40 award in Brampton, last year. It was so exciting and gave me even more drive and determination to make Arrow & Vine and its artists successful.


This journey has just begun. There is so, so much more in store and I hope you'll all be there with me for the ride.

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